[D.E.V] AndroWin ROM KitKat Theme – Update – GT-I8552 – DROIDWIN KITKAT

Update da Mod, vejam o status para DroidWin Theme da AndroWin

2) Segunda fase da Mod do SystemUI (03.11.2014)

  • Troca do header  Ongoing & notification Bar
  • Compile xmls e o visual do SystemUI)

Ongoing Notification Changed



03.11.2014 – Changed Background Settings (Version Blue Win to DroidWin),

Chanded Icons and anime KitKat Settings of S4 KK

I’m delete the Pictures on about device info Settings xml


Universo Android

Ola Pessoal

Estou realizando um update de versão da AndroWin para Kitkat version ( I am conducting an update of version of AndroWin for Kitkat version)

Mudanças (Changes:)

Google Gears Bootanimation Fixed on first Boot

New Framework edition  (Edit for AOSP Miano  on:  Contacts, Dialer,  MMs, File Explorer, Google Features, Launcher)

Build Costumization ( ANDROWIN SPECIAL TWEAKS)

Internet speed tweaks

3G Tweaks

Wi fi – Wireless speed Tweaks

Video Streaming Tweaks

Update On data /apps

Deletion of wathsapp on package

Google apps atualization

Google’s default keyboard setting

Tesla led Lantern

Update xposed alpha Blue to X3 version

O pacote será disponibilizado em breve (The package will be upload soon)

I wolud like for your donation!!


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