[ D.E.V – 4.4] – GT-I8552 AndroWin Project – Update ROM



 Update Release : Status 15.10.2014


I neeed a xml AOSP code used on Dialer CM 10 ( Phone.apk) for update the AndroWin, because i used a TW based ROM .

Someone reported about occurrence of error while reading messages from missed calls, but this error is provided by the case of AOSP contacts and dialer google being used in a ROM TW base. In this way the need to rewrite the xml codes and also in apollice.jar but not in the XDA I found something

The goal of AndroWin Project is to use the standard pure ROM Phone.apk Google, as well as all the features of a CM, but this requires customization for the entire rest of the TW

Already we have achieved enough utilizing MMS, Email contacts and dialer AOSP

If you have someone who knows how to perform please leave a message!!




My work
Charge Battery ( Boost tweaks)
Wi fi  Ok ( stock tweaks)
Dual SIM OK (stock Tweaks)
MMS/SMS Ok send by SIM card 1 ( read coments)
3G ok  ( tested and works ok on Brazil )
Xposed Modules Ok
Custom AOSP Dialer  OK
Custom AOSP Contacts ok
 Missed Calls Massage Pop up (click the message requires fix error in incoming call app because run with  the AOSP Google Contacts and useble the stock SecPhone_DS , however it’s works well )
Whatsapp ( On release i put on data app the updated version (set.2014)  if crash uninstall and install by OTA mode.
MJ Brod.



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